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Fine Car Racing : Driver Profiles




A little bit of back ground info on the drivers and the cars that participate in Fine Car Races.

 Indexed under "A"

Name : Albert Cook Ford Escort Mk1
  Date of Birth: 1954
  Car :   Ford Escort Mk1  2ltr
   Sponsor:  Albert Cook Racing
  Started racing in :  June 1978
  Best Lap Time: 1m27.1 sec
  Ideal racing car: Porsche 917
  Racing achievements:  Sports cars 2006 2nd overall; 2007 3rd;  Fine cars 2012 4th 
  1976 got involved with Owen Ashley and Team Effort Racing in formula Ford. In 1977 found a Alfa. With lots of help from Serge Damseaux, Owen Ashley, Derick Barnard, Dave Hawkins. The bottomless pit started.
  Name : Andre Sadie
  Date of Birth: 1963 1972 Fiat 124 Sport
  Car :    1972 Fiat 124 Sport
   Sponsor:   No Sponsor
  Started racing in :  Started as a rally navigator 1994-1998, first time with a race car on circuit 2013
  Best Lap Time:  Still finding my feet 1’52 on 3 cylinders
  Ideal racing car:   Porsche GT3
  Racing achievements:   The mere fact that I’ve started for me is a great achievement
   I’ve been involved with cars and the motor trade for the last 20 years and always wanted to put a car on the track, I’ve realized that if I don’t start now I’ll never start. My goal this year is to get used to the car, learn the track and enjoy myself
  Name :   Ashley Ellis
  Date of Birth:  1942 1973 Jaguar XJ6
  Car :   1973 Jaguar XJ6
   Sponsor:  Fine car sponsors only.
  Started racing in :  1963
  Best Lap Time:  1:22 lola T212 replica.  1:28 Gordini .    1:35.7 XJ6 
  Ideal racing car:  Something with a Hewland g/box & maybe a 2 litre Pinto or Golf engine.
  Racing achievements: 2002 overall classic champion (Gordini).    2011 index of perf. Knysna Hill Climb (XJ6) 
  In the 60’s, briefly raced a Triumph TR2 & Austin Healey Sprite in Rhodesia.
Participated in drag racing & hillclimbs while living in Durban.
Started at Killarney in 1993. Developed a much modified Triumph TR 5 that is now racing in Germany. Seem to spend more time looking after my small collection of classic cars/riding motorcycles/playing with grandchildren than racing these days. I’ll be back.
  Indexed under "B"
  Name :   Bert Upton
  Date of Birth: 1954
  Car :    1984 Porsche 944 (2.5litre 8V) White with 57 Mouse Decals on each side(count them) 1984 Porsche 944
   Sponsor:   Lynx Motorsport
  Started racing in :  December 2009
  Best Lap Time:   1.36.8 (I think)
  Ideal racing car:  Properly set-up and sorted Porsche 914/6
  Racing achievements:  3rd Place Fine Car Championship 2011/ 7th Place 2010
   Entered Fine Cars by default after getting my car ready to race in a Porsche Club Challenge event in December 2009. The Porsche Race fell through and I was persuaded to race the car in Fine Cars for that day. I was so warmly welcomed by all the peeps that I decided to make Fine Cars my home. An amazing bunch of great guys (and sometimes a gal or 2) and I reckon I'll stay in Fines as long as I continue to race (which I hope will be for many more years). 

My second race was a rather frightening experience being the 2010 Historics weekend where I was persuaded to enter in the Porsche Only race as well as Fine Cars. Getting passed down the back straight at 270km/h by a Porsche 962 (& closely followed by a 917) while you're trundling along full bore at 185 km/h is no joke. That pair of cars lapped me twice in an 8 lap race. Scary stuff...........and never mind the rest of them Porsche GT3s , 930 Turbos, and 935. In fact I was punted off in Turn 1 by current MSA President, Steve Miller in his powder blue 911 when he couldn't control his car on my inside after I ran wide to let him through. I finished the race, but the little coming together punctured one of his tyres and he was forced to retire about 200 meters down the track. Ha ha. The incident made the front cover of the Porsche Torque magazine!

  Name :   Billy Matthee
  Date of Birth: 1942 1971 Fiat 124 Sport
  Car :   1971 Fiat 124 Sport
   Sponsor:  Me!
  Started racing in : 1966
  Best Lap Time:  Killarney 1m 32.6s
  Ideal racing car: Fiat 131 Abarth
  Racing achievements: 
  My first race was in 1966 at the old Kyalami with a Renault R8 Alconi. I stopped in 1970 with an R8 Gordini and only returned in 1993 with a 1961 Alfa Giulietta TI in JHB which I raced for 6 years before wrecking it in turn 4 at Killarney. I raced a succession of Alfa Giulias, Alfa GT Junior, Berlina and switching to a Fiat 131 Racing in 2005. I have raced on all the circuits in SA except for PE and Lichtenburg and even practiced on Brandkop in the Free State. My favourite track is East London. I enjoy the camaraderie in racing and the challenge to improve the car. Winning is a bonus but the fun is much more important
  Name :   Bruce Valentine
  Date of Birth: 1946 Mini 1975 1275
  Car :   Mini 1975 1275, pearl with black roof
   Sponsor: Offers anyone?
  Started racing in : 2008
  Best Lap Time: 1m41
  Ideal racing car:  Ford GT40
  Racing achievements:  Finished 4th overall 2009 and 2010 in Fine Car championship.
  I had a friend in the 60’s who had one of the first Cooper S in Salisbury in the then Rhodesia and have had the Mini bug ever since, owning one on and off over the years and have always wanted to race one. After some basic modifications and a spray job by Arnold who encouraged me to enter for the Piper Day in 2008 I’ve since had a great time. I’m currently busy trying to sort out some teething problems with the new motor and hope to join in on the fun again for 2013.
   Indexed under "D"
  Name :  Dave Kent
  Date of Birth:  1594, I mean 1954 1800 Datsun Stanza
  Car :   1981 blue 1800 Datsun Stanza
   Sponsor:  I wish, but otherwise KENT HOMES
  Started racing in :  2008, I think
  Best Lap Time: 1:34.6 with the wind behind me and quite a bit of methane in the car
  Ideal racing car:  Anything that looks like a nice car and goes well. NOT a modern day F1 or anything like it.
  Racing achievements: None! Managed 2nd in 2010 and again in 2012
  Always liked racing from an early age. Can remember the old A40’s, Peugeot 204’s, early Lotus 7’s and sports cars, Formula 1’s and bikes trundling around Killarney. Only long after my marriage and children could I afford to come racing. Would love to have started in Karts when I was a teen, but anyway. I did play a bit on a Suzuki, which I still have and did a couple of drags on it at the track but it was used for transport and Breakfast runs. My Datsun came along at the right moment. Belonged to Mother-outlaw who had it from new as her company car when she worked for Checkers HQ in JHB. Father-outlaw died and she didn’t know what to do with it, so I clicked my fingers and said “gooi!” The rest is history. My aspirations? To become World Fine Car Champion! (I must be getting old)
  Name : Derick Jordaan
  Date of Birth: 1980 Ford Sierra XR6
  Car :    Ford Sierra XR6 - new car for 2013
   Sponsor:  Oasis Auto
  Started racing in :  2012
  Best Lap Time: 1:43 in the Honda Ballade
  Ideal racing car:   BMW 2002
  Racing achievements:  Just glad to race and enjoying it
  Indexed under "E"
  Name :  Eric van der Merwe
  Date of Birth: 1954  Porsche 924 turbo
  Car :     Porsche 924 turbo 1982 – 2000cc, Red
   Sponsor:   Lynx Motorsport (Me)
  Started racing in :  2012
  Best Lap Time: 1.30.8
  Ideal racing car:    Any Porsche race car
  Racing achievements:   Being able to stay with the front runners
  Racing has always been a dream for me. Due to family and business commitments finances have always been tight, so my head has mostly been under someone else’s car bonnet, rather than behind the steering wheel of my own car. However, that all changed when I was able  to obtain the Porsche I now drive. Last season the car was not reliable due to head gaskets blowing, we have, hopefully, found the reason for this and can now enjoy racing to its fullest. The fine car guys are a very supportive bunch and help each other where they can. I look forward to each race day with great enthusiasm and anticipation.
  Indexed under "H"
Name :  Haydn Hoad
Date of Birth: 1942 Harper Type 5
Car :  Harper Type 5 or  Porsche 944
 Sponsor:  Specialised Mouldings
Started racing in : 1970
Best Lap Time: 1min 34 secs
Ideal racing car:  The one I am currently using
Racing achievements: Enjoyment
  I raced in Formula Vee for 4 years, mainly at Kyalami. After moving to CT in 2010 after 12 years in the UK,and seeing how Roger was enjoying Fines I decided to have another go.
Working at Specialised Mouldings also brought me in contact with lots of people involved in racing, and I have found them all to be a great bunch
  Indexed under "G"
  Name : Geoff Bihl
  Date of Birth: 1965 Porsche  Porsche 944 3.0L S
  Car : Porsche  Porsche 944 3.0L S
   Sponsor:  Autoquip
  Started racing in : 2011
  Best Lap Time:  1m30,9s
  Ideal racing car:  Porsche GT3 RS
  Racing achievements:  6th in First Fine car season
   Kidney specialist, passion for all things fast
  Indexed under "J"
  Name : Johan “JayBee” Pretorius
  Date of Birth: 1951 BMW 2002
  Car :    BMW 2002 – White & Blue (BMW Rally Colours)
   Sponsor:   “JayBee” 
  Started racing in :  Sept 1990 (1st Official Race in Classics & Marques Cars)
  Best Lap Time:  1m 43.00
  Ideal racing car:    BMW CSL Batmobile
  Racing achievements:   
  1992 or 1994 Classic & Marques Cars Champion.
1995 & 1997 Classic & Marques Cars 2nd Overall
2002 or 2004 Finecars 2nd Overall
2006 Classics 3rd Overall (Silver Cup)
2008 Finecars 2nd Overall
2008 Classics 3rd Overall & 2nd Silver Cup


   Born and grew up in Parys (Free State) and my 1st visit to Kyalami, early 1964. Moved to Paarl and my regular visits to Killarney, from 1966 !!!. Annual trips to Kyalami i.e. South African GP’s, 9 Hrs and Wynns 1000 km Races.

Attended Killarney “Open-days” a few times, with a Renault R10 Alconi , a BMW 635CSi and my Silver Dream machine, a BMW 3.0 CS.
My 1st Official race : Sept 1990, with the SAME BMW 2002, which I’m still racing !!!!. 

Hobbies ; Photography, Autographs (Fangio, Stirling Moss, Graham Hill, Colin Chapman etc etc. ), Classic Car Racing & visits to Overseas Classic Car Festivals UK and 24 Hrs LeMans.

Visits to Donington GP museum, Porsche museum, BMW museum, Mercedes Benz museum, Ferrari Museum & Schlumph museum in France. (ONLY Wheels !!! ) 

My love/sentiment for my Classic Cars. Served on (for nearly 25 yrs) the Classic Cars, Fine cars & WPMC Committees !!! (Nou weet julle hoekom ek so GRYS is !!!! ) 
Name :   Jonathan Wileman
Date of Birth: 1960 1987 Opel Kadett T-car
Car :   1987 Opel Kadett T-car, white
 Sponsor:  Huh! There are sponsors!
Started racing in : 2011
Best Lap Time:  1m52s
Ideal racing car:  Lotus 7; Ferrari (any type)
Racing achievements: Various trophy placings over the past two years
   I come from a motor-racing family: uncle who did karting and marshalling, cousins who participated in Formula M and circuit racing; family who did motocross, etc. My father and uncle ran Wilmac Motors (Wileman/McLaughlin) in the 60’s and 70’s, who sponsored WouterSmit in the Goodwood Cape Hell Drivers days’ -hence my participation under the Wilmac name. I have been exposed to motorsport in various guises since a young age, so it was a natural progression to start racing myself. 
  Indexed under "M"
  Name : Maurizio Toscano
  Car: VW Passat 5 Cyl
  Name :  Moose Watt
  Date of Birth: 1951
  Car :  Porsche 911 SC Targa 1983 Porsche 911 SC Targa
   Sponsor: All Africa Racing
  Started racing in : 2010
  Best Lap Time: 1m35,26s
  Ideal racing car: 
Anything that beats Tony Kent and No 57 Sperm alias Upton
  Racing achievements: Couple of disqualified, couple of DNF's, couple of Plastic Trophies
  Bombastic, belligerent, very foolish ex money lender and finally a very experienced Castle Lager Consumer Depot
  Indexed under "N"
  Name : Niel Mouton
  Date of Birth: 1962
  Car:  1972 Alfa Romeo Giulia 2000cc, with Italian flag stripes 1972 Alfa Romeo Giulia 2000cc
   Sponsor: Rhino Linings Durbanville
  Started racing in : 2010
  Best Lap Time:  1m38. something
  Ideal racing car:  Mazda RX2;  3L Alfa Romeo GTV
  Racing achievements:  3rd in Fine Car championship in 2012
  I had a keen interest in cars since pre-school age. I could identify a car by its beat, knew how many gears it had, detail about instrumentation, top speed etc. I always had a particular interest in racing. I had pictures of Dave Charlton, John Love, Jody and Sarel on the walls in my room. I met Billy Matthee through the Cape Alfa Romeo Club and he tried to get an Alfa Trofeo racing series going. This series was run together with Fine Cars and I initially competed in both categories. I have lots of fun and must admit that I am totally hooked.
  Indexed under "P"
  Name :   Piet Matthee
  Date of Birth: 1961 Porsche 944 S2
  Car :   Porsche 944 S2
   Sponsor:  " Matthee-children study-fund "
  Started racing in : 2012
  Best Lap Time:  1'32
  Ideal racing car:  Porsche GT 3
  Racing achievements: Not crashing while going down the main straight with my bonnet wrapped around my windscreen.
  Always interested in going racing and a regular spectator at Killarney. Roger Wood took me and Johann Jooste around the track one trackday in his Tiger and scared the &*$@ out of us and we decided there and then that if an "old-toppie" can drive like that we can as well. I purchased a Sunbeam Alpine and started to fit a Toyota motor in and then found out that it is against Finecar rules. I then got a Porsche 944 that I prepared for racing and after a while saw an ad of a 944 S2 that is already prepared and bought it. Now we just have to get Johann on the track, if anybody knows of a nice car that is for sale.
Indexed under "R"
  Name :  Raymond Michael Cooper 
  Date of Birth: 1952 1968 Ford Escort MK1
  Car:  1968 Ford Escort MK1 GT 1600
   Sponsor:  Peninsula Power Products
  Started racing in :  2000 – drag racing
  Best Lap Time:  1.34 something
  Ideal racing car:  Porsche 917
  Racing achievements:

 Various drag racing 1sts, 2nds, 3rds. Best time 13.3 secs (Cobra Chev 5700cc) then progressed to Fines with Cobra.
Achievements with Escort:

1st 2010 Car Wars Streetcar Shootout
1st Ford and Friends 2011 in EL (Index)
2nd Ford and Friends 2012 in CT (Index)
1st Overall Fine Car Championship 2011 and 2012

   Driving the Cobra in Fines, I can tell you, I had some very scary moments, twice coming out of Malmesbury backwards towards the clubhouse. Had to choose something tamer that I could handle and bought the Escort from Louis Powell (the condition being that he would not see the Escort at Killarney!).

I enjoy the racing, sometimes hard, other times running in a vacuum, but many times with the same old 5 or so stalwarts in my group fighting for position across the line. 

When I was 15 I used to catch a train to Salt River station and walk by myself to Killarney to watch motor racing. I think that shows how passionate I am about it!
  Name :   Richard Hallick
  Date of Birth: 1967 Mercedes 450 SLC
  Car :   1977 Mercedes 450SLC
   Sponsor:  Vista Distribution
  Started racing in : 2013 (In Fines)
  Best Lap Time: 
  Ideal racing car: Nobel
  Racing achievements:  Formula M club champion in 1998 & 1999
  After leaving Natal in 1996 and 125cc gearbox karts, I had to get back into the sport and enjoyed racing Formula M from 1997 till 2000. I then tried my hand at Clubman’s for a year and after a long lay off. I AM BACK racing a solid Mercedes 450SLC V8. I love the adrenalin rush, the challenge and technical side to racing.
  Name :  Roger Wood
  Date of Birth: 1942 1964 Sunbeam Tiger
  Car :   1964 Sunbeam Tiger. 
  Started racing in :  1999
  Best Lap Time:  1.34.1
  Ideal racing car:  C Type Jaguar.
  Racing achievements: 1st 2nd and 3rd  in Fine car Championships 
  Did some hill climb events in my 1946 MG TC in my youth in Rhodesia. Entered some drag racing events in my E Type Jaguar. I only started circuit racing at Killarney in Cape Town,  initially in Classic cars and then in Fine cars. It has been a lot of fun and great camaraderie
Name : Ryss Unger
Car : 1985 Audi 90 Quattro 1985 Audi 90 Quattro
  Sponsor: Auto Start
Started racing in : 2012 Ideal racing car: IMSA Audi 90 GTO
  Best Lap Time: 1m36.5s

I have been a car nut most of my life so when I saw the 1985 Audi Quattro advertised for sale I jumped at the opportunity to own a very unique car.  

The original UR Quattro of rally fame (circa 1981) gave rise to a Coupe and this four door version. These cars were powered by naturally aspirated 2.3lt inline, 5 cylinder engines. There are a few of the Coupe versions in South Africa, (Quattro and FWD), some of which where turbo charged, but have yet to find another four door saloon in the country.

After a front to back mechanical reconditioning job, I was so impressed with the handling, I thought I would try my hand at racing it on the Killarney Track. Fine Cars sounded like a safe enough category to venture on the race track with the car, so at age 60 I had my first race in Oct 2011. There where a few teething problems with the car but it was mainly the driver that had to undergo a major shift in attitude and which is on going.

 I discovered that good handling on the road and good handling on the track, are poles apart. So further development work on the suspension will be required, to tighten up, what is essentially a road car, into something more suitable for the track.

Very must enjoy both the social and well as on track experience of racing in Fine Cars. 


Indexed under "S"
  Name :   Stephen  Bekker  ( JR )
  Date of Birth: 1986
  Car :   1981 Opel Kadett “GTE”  1981 Opel Kadett “GTE”
   Sponsor:  Access  Auto
  Started racing in :  2010
  Best Lap Time:  1m39s
  Ideal racing car:  VW 
  Racing achievements: We Won the 2 L, Class in the All Tar Rally on Killarney in 2012
  With Dad being in the Cars, I always loved it, now I've got the chance of driving myself. I will work hard to stay in racing as long as I possibly can for I enjoy the sport & the people very much.
  Name :   Steve  Bekker
  Date of Birth: 1962
  Car :  1983 Toyota Celica Supra 2.8 i 1983 Toyota Celica Supra 2.8 i
   Sponsor:  Access  Auto, Strand
  Started racing in : 2000
  Best Lap Time:  1m37s
  Ideal racing car:  Volkswagen  Passat
  Racing achievements:  Overall 7th in Fine Cars ( 2012 ) & Class “F” in Classics
  I just love the Racing Scene (being in the motor trade, Appy – Mech Etc) , also battling with “BUCKS” , could never take part until 2000 when I bought a 122 Volvo Amazon & started in Classics (did not go to well). Did some “Cape Hell Drivers” after that, & then I started “FINES” in a Passat , which was so nice (but wound up as scrap on the Bredasdorp Oval). The Supra was VERY nice 'till I rolled her in T4 (Malmesbury) Now I am in a '73 Volkswagen 1300 Coupe, Passat & loving every moment on & around the track and the racing people (friends). Let’s keep it on the black stuff & enjoy !!!
Indexed under "T"
Name : Tony Kent
Car : Ford Anglia 1967 - 1600cc, cream with orange stripes Ford Anglia 1967
Sponsor: Wot's that!
Started racing in : 2008
Best Lap Time: 1m35.8s
Racing achievements: 3rd in Fine Car championship in 2010 Ideal racing car: Chevron B16 or Lola T70
After watching racing at Killarney on and off since 1962, I decided it was time to hop the fence and go racing. I wanted to race a real classic and fortunately Albert Cook was selling his Anglia at the time. Initially the car was shared by my brother and I while he looked for his own car.

My first race was a baptism of fire at the Piper Day races in 2008 in the wet with some very expensive machinery alongside me. Since then the enjoyment has just got better and so has the car, running times 10 sec faster than when I started with only fine tuning to the basic setup.

Fine Racing is great and I encourage any petrolhead to come and join us. Trophies are not important to me, the fun of competing is.
Indexed under "W"
Name :  Waleed Darries
Date of Birth: 1973
Car :  Toyota Sprinter 1984 Toyota Sprinter
 Sponsor: Waleed Panelbeating & Spraypainting
Started racing in : 2006
Best Lap Time: 1m35.8s
Ideal racing car: Toyota SR5
Racing achievements: Being able to race with all the Fine gentlemen
As a boy growing up my father used to take us to go watch stock car racing at Goodwood Showgrounds on Saturday nights where I had my first taste of this fantastic sport. Since then I knew this was something I would love to do. In 1993 I had the privilege on working on a Toyota SR5 which was owned by Leon Moller at the time which he then sold to Dean Vent. After 5 years of searching I found that car and are currently restoring it to its former glory so that I would be able to once more take it back to its home ground at Killarney.